QtheAgency | Identity and Branding
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Build share of market and bringing personality to your brand—while turning your audience into loyal fans. You can’t overestimate the importance of your image. QtheAGENCY has created memorable brands and standards for businesses all around the world – we’ve helped manage those brands as they grow and evolve.


Your logo is an iconic image that represents your business, be it in a carefully-designed type treatment or single symbolic image that says it all. QtheAGENCY will break your business down to its essence to find the perfect icon that will resonate with you and your audience.


Every great business has a great tagline. We’ve all heard them. They’ve become ingrained in our minds and our culture. What will yours say about you?


Once you’ve got your brand in place, you’ve got to lay down the law. How can it be used, how it can’t. What can change and what’s set in branding stone. QtheAGENCY helps you craft your standards to ensure your brand stays strong long after its launch.


Branding is about the little things as much as the big. We’ll create letterhead and business cards that reflect your brand image and help to keep your communication on point.

Your identity is where it all begins. It’s the foundation for every piece of your marketing mix. That’s why we make sure to get it right from the very start.