QtheAgency | TV & Radio
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The sounds and images of TV and radio – there are few mediums more powerful. But the creative is only part of the picture—QtheAGENCY’s got the expertise to plan, place and analyze the feedback, too. No matter your budget, our writers and directors can stretch every dollar to ensure the result aptly represents your brand and elevates your image, whether it’s a fifteen second radio commercial or a sixty minute infomercial.


Every great spot starts with a great script. It’s the blueprint for what you’ll see on screen or hear on the radio. QtheAGENCY’s writers can work within your budget to create spots that take your brand to the next level.


Action! Cut! Print! We’ll coordinate every aspect of your shoot. From casting the talent to putting the finishing touches on the soundtrack, we’ll deliver a finished spot on time and on-budget.


Every station has a different submission process. Some like digital uploads.Some still want betas (believe it or not). Once your spot is in the can, we’ll coordinate its distribution to all the right people ensuring you’re on air when you want to be.


How? Where? When? Three simple questions with not–so–simple answers. Different objectives mean different buying decisions. But with our contacts and experience, you always get the right media mix.

It’s time your business took control of the airwaves.