QtheAgency | Planning, Placement & Analysis
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Creative is just one part of the equation. You have to know how to use it—and why to use it, too. And once you know that, you have to be able to identify what works and what needs a little tweaking. QtheAGENCY focuses on every piece of the puzzle to ensure your marketing works and will continue to work as time goes by.


How? Where? When? Three simple questions with not–so–simple answers. Different objectives mean different buying decisions. But with our contacts and experience, you always get the right media mix.

Strategic Scheduling
Media Buys
Market Research
ROI Assessment

So first things first—who’s your market and what do they think? Once you know that, the rest falls into place. Keep what works and ditch what doesn’t—always with an eye on your objectives.

Secret Shopping
Strategic Planning & Execution
Benefits Testing & Research
Focus Group Research

We do the homework so you can ace the exam. If you’re ready for solid strategy from start to finish, QtheAGENCY is ready to get to work.