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Nearly all internet users turn to search engines for finding what they want on the web. The sites that appear on the first page of results—especially those listed among the top ten results—get nearly 70% of the traffic. Needless to say, search engines are the key and SEM/SEO strategies like pay-per-click marketing, link building, directory submission, and optimization will improve your online visibility while driving valuable traffic to your site.


Spending more doesn’t always mean reaching more of your audience. It’s all about spending smart and finding keywords that mean something to the people who are searching the web.

QtheAGENCY develops winning navigation strategies that utilize intuitive URL structure and simple HTML code the search engines not only understand, but prefer.

You can’t just build it and hope they come. QtheAGENCY can help you harness the power of search engines to drive traffic to your site—and keep them coming back.