Assess Your Influence with a Digital Audit

Companies everywhere are using digital and mobile platforms more than ever. And as the landscape for customer interaction continues to change, having a firm grasp on your company’s digital influence is pivotal. That’s where a Digital Media Audit can help.

Digital media audits assess your current digital initiatives and assets to identify resources and opportunities for increased effectiveness and engagement. For companies using websites, apps, social media, blogs, and email marketing, these audits offer an invaluable analysis that can reveal the strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing efforts.

Within an audit, seven core areas are reviewed to determine digital reach, structure and influence. Below you’ll find a detailed breakout of each of the areas, including the key criteria analyzed for each.

Reach + Presence

  • Determination of current channels and exposure for organic and paid reach for all digital initiatives including websites, landing pages, SEO, PPC, blogs, social media, email marketing, mobile applications, digital advertising
  • Determination of website grade and rank through Google, Bing and Yahoo


  • Design review
  • User experience/interface review
  • Functionality review
  • Structure/architecture assessment


  • Content strategy
  • Content creation workflows
  • Content Assets
  • Format reviews
  • Grammar/spelling/punctuation
  • SEO optimized/keywords


  • Clear conversion funnels
  • Opt-in/lead captures
  • Bounce-rate
  • CTA’s


  • Correct linking of digital assets
  • Offline asset links to website correctly
  • Social media integration


  • Determination of digital objectives
  • Goals/KPI’s
  • Determine of vendor and installation of analytics
  • Proper setup and customization of analytics
  • Reliability of reporting
  • Frequency of reporting
  • Analysis and action per report
  • Applications/recommendations

Once the assessment of all these factors is finished, recommendations are provided for improving your strategy’s efficiency, engagement, effectiveness and conversions.

Do You Need a Digital Media Audit?

If your company is using social media, has a website, conducts email marketing or utilizes any type of online advertising, conducting a digital audit is a good idea. Often times companies tend to review the results of these digital tools separately, rather that together as a whole. An audit can reveal the bigger picture, helping your company remove digital assets that are not yielding results while optimizing those that are.

Working with an agency to conduct an audit of your digital resources can yield valuable information that otherwise may be difficult to uncover. It’s more important than ever to understand the big picture of your marketing efforts in order to truly assess their overall effectiveness.

If you’d like to learn more about Digital Media Audits and how your business can benefit from one, contact us today. We’d love to discuss your options and how you can get started.