Even the Worst Super Bowl Spot Is Better than None at All

According to USA Today, the lowest rated Super Bowl spot of the over 60 spots aired was a short fifteen-second ad for a mobile game called Heroes Charge. It probably ranked so low because it was utterly forgettable rather than inherently terrible (like that now infamous Nationwide spot), but apparently even the most forgettable Super Bowl ad can mean big business.

The day before the Super Bowl, Heroes Charge was ranked as the 899th most downloaded iPhone app in the country. In the days after the ad aired, it shot up to 252nd on the downloads chart and 21st on the top grossing US apps charts. Those are pretty impressive numbers—and ones that can be almost entirely attributed to that single spot.

While of course not everyone can afford a spot in the Super Bowl, the takeaway resonates with companies of all sizes (and budgets) interested in building their brands and driving sales—if you want to succeed, you’ve got to get out there and market yourself! Even if you’re not the biggest and best in the field, anything you can do to get your company’s name out there is almost always better than doing nothing at all.