Quantum Celebrates Two Decades in Advertising

Yep, you read that right. 2014 marks our platinum anniversary, can you believe it? And it all began with a dream and a sub-subleased space on the fourteenth floor of the Citizen’s Plaza building…

In 1994, Jim Miller, Patty Marguet and Linda Schuster left their jobs at prominent Louisville agencies to start their own company. Their vision was to create a different kind of advertising firm, focused on respect for clients, integrity of work, and quality of life for its employees.

Originally the three owners made up the entire creative and account services staff. Oh, and there was Sydney, the Australian cattle dog. She helped tear up the delivery boxes for trash day.

Over the next few years Quantum’s client list and staff continued to grow until a new workspace was in order. So in 1997 they moved to the office that many of our clients will remember fondly, on West Main Street, right next to the Slugger Museum and above Kentucky Mirror & Plate Glass Company.

But after 12 years of downtown parking hassles and the occasional raccoon infestation (ask us about that one some time!), the Q moved to Story Avenue, where we currently reside. And all these twenty years since the beginning, Linda, Jim and Patty have proudly held on to their original vision. They’ve watched Quantum flourish, transform and grow. It’s a place that still teems with the same boundless expectations, energy and creativity as it did twenty years ago—only now there are two Chihuahuas on staff instead of good ole Sydney (RIP).

Watch our blog and social media for more from the Quantum memoirs in the months to come. Who knows what we’ll dig out of the vault next time!